Specialty Items


Bridal Gowns

At NuTone, we clean and preserve your gown – and all of its accessories.  Each dress is inspected and analyzed for the proper care process. Beads and sequins are tested to insure that will properly sustain the cleaning process. Then your gown will be treated to a customized cleaning process and then again post inspected by our gown experts.

Whether you have a new bridal gown, a second-hand gown, or even a third-generation heirloom, NuTone Cleaners can usually clean and preserve your gown. We process gowns according to need; wetcleaning for water-based stains and re-coloring and drycleaning for oily-type stains and embellishments, when needed.

Cleaning is only half the story: After the wedding, we can re-clean your gown and then preserve it in a museum-quality box, where it will lay-in-waiting for your next event. It will be clean and ready for your daughter or daughter-in-law to try on and alter to her needs. If you have no use for the gown after the event, then we can clean it well enough for it to be sold at a second-hand store.

The Wedding Party
We like to serve everyone associated with your wedding party. This means that we clean and press the tuxedos for the groom and the best man and the dresses for the brides’ maids and flower girls!


Leather & Suede

We inspect your leather and suede garments at the counter, and note all stains, marks, missing and broken buttons. We send your “skins” to a trusted specialist for cleaning and alterations.

Stain Emergencies – What you can do
Spills on leather and suede require different care than cotton and wool. While it’s best to blot most stains – and to never rub – you do have a few options.

If your leather is a bit shiny and automatically “repels” liquid spills, then you can use a damp sponge to gently wipe it off. However, if your leather is butter soft and seems to absorb every little stain, you should not attempt stain removal. It will most likely require professional care, as soon as possible.

Suede is a bit trickier. Some smudges can often be improved with a clean eraser (but should always be tested in a hidden area). Oily-type stains from buttered popcorn, gravy, and lotions will need attention
by the stain-removal technicians.