Household Items



Do your sheets and bedding look as tired as you do after a long night of dancing? Have your furniture covers and upholstery taken a beating from your kids, dirty derrières and errant spills during football games and such? Are your window treatments starting to look a bit dingy?

NuTone specializes in the care of household items.

Comforters and bedspreads are delicately handled and packaged. Draperies are treated in a specialized process and refreshed in our unique drapery bath process. Throw pillows are revitalized within our own in house facilities.

Care & Attention at Home
All of these items require preventive care to keep them fresh between cleanings. You can remove a lot of dust from furniture covers, drapes and window treatments by vacuuming them monthly. This is the same dust that coats fabrics, dulls colors, and becomes a massive problem when it gets wet or stained. And, you can inspect your bedding and spreads under bright light and wash or dryclean them at the first sign of make-up, body oil and yellowing.

When it comes to keeping fabrics clean, fresh, and free of stains, NuTone has many “secret” weapons. By providing both drycleaning and wetcleaning technologies, we can restore many fabrics that consumers believe have “seen their day.” We are constantly learning and applying new techniques such as, water-repellent products, fabric-safe bleaches, and steam cleaning for draperies and other delicate items.



At NuTone, fine table and bed linens are carefully inspected and stains are pretreated by hand – from gravy and oils to coffee, wine and wax. We know stains and we know what it takes to remove them. By providing both drycleaning and wetcleaning technologies, we can restore many fabrics that consumers believe have “seen their day.” We are constantly learning and applying new techniques such as, aggressive stain removal for older yellow stains and fabric-safe bleaches.

Delicate table linens are carefully cleaned and treated just like your second- and third-generation heirlooms. After cleaning and ironing, we hang them with tissue in the folds to reduce creases. We also provide hand-rolled cloths. 

Raised and embroidered cloths are hand ironed to enhance every detail. Our seamstresses can mend and embroider tears, holes and degraded fabric to restore your special table linens.

A few hints to make your linens last longer …

  • When spills occur during meals, gently blot with a dry white cloth and stop!
  • Oily stains, such as gravy, butter, and mayonnaise should be blotted with a dry white cloth. Do not use water or club soda. However, you can also apply some corn starch to soak up the oils until you can get them to NuTone.
  • If the stain in water based, such as coffee, wine or soda, you can apply water – sparingly – and then blot with a dry white cloth.
  • Wax can be gently scraped, while still warm, with a dull butter knife or plastic utensil.
  • After the meal, gather up your napkins, placemats and tablecloths and shake them outside your home.

Remember, most oily stains cannot be removed in the wash at home. After washing, they may look like they’ve been removed because they are clear in color, but these are the same “clear” stains that turn a deep yellow a month later.

Bed Linens
Sheets, shams and pillow covers are treated much the same as table linens. However, since the stains are usually different, NuTone uses different stains removers to reach desired removal.



Draperies, swags, and cornices can be expensive and time consuming to buy, so it makes sense to maintain them. Most window treatments should be professionally cleaned every 2-3 years, depending on your personal habits and the environment in your home or office.

Regular vacuuming each month, with a soft-bristled attachment, will remove surface dust between cleanings. Furnace dust, airborne particles and cooking fumes deposit on fabrics and penetrate fibers causing fading and discoloration. These impurities, which are not all removed by vacuuming, shorten the life of your draperies, contribute to premature tearing and dry rot, and compromise your considerable investment.

NuTone will clean your sheers, drapes – lined and unlined, store-bought and custom – and provide professional steaming and finishing. All fabrics are treated with sizing to restore “drape and body” to the fabric.

We use a “Perfect Pleat” machine to safeguard against shrinkage and distortion and to guarantee length: We “soft roll” the pleats and even clean delicate loose weaves. We also provide alterations. Cornices and other delicate window treatments are steamed by hand.

We provide this care for Silk, Linen, Antique Satin, Cotton, Acetate, and all weaves and woven designs



There is more to cleaning a pillow than meets the eye. You may be surprised to discover that pillow cleaning may be as much of a rebuilding process as well as it is a cleaning process.

Decorative or "throw" pillows require careful inspection and may need specialized cleaning methods because of the way they are made or filled. Many pillows are filled with cotton or polyester batting which may clump up and become lumpy during cleaning and may require the pillow to be opened up, filling removed, and the cover cleaned separately and reassembled.

Family heirlooms may require even more special attention. Many have been handed down, and those special items with great sentimental value may have decades of use; we have the skills and expertise necessary to restore them.



Everyday, rugs and carpets collect dirt and dust from your shoes, clothes and pets over time; this buildup weighs down your rug, wears on the fibers, and starts showing use. To keep your area rugs looking their best, it is recommended to get them cleaned every 1-2 years based on traffic.

We clean area rugs with the same care we use to clean your clothing. We will give your rugs the care, time, and attention it takes to refresh and revive the color, look and feel. Area rugs of all shapes, sizes and styles can be dropped off at our locations or pick up and delivery may be arranged.