Dry Cleaning & Shirts


Dry Cleaning

Selecting a drycleaner can be a chore … but not at NuTone! With so much invested in your clothing, draperies and household items, leather and bridal gowns, you need a service-oriented and quality-conscious drycleaner. That's NuTone.

  • Detail-oriented inspection for every garment
  • Hand cleaning and hand ironing for delicate garments
  • Informed and educated customer service staff
  • Trained stain-removal specialists
  • One-day turn around for most garments

You should expect crystal clear solutions – for the whitest whites – missing and cracked buttons replaced, same day specials at all our locations, and fine drycleaning and wetcleaning for all your delicate and best clothing.  

** While next day service is the norm, for special needs we can deliver quality work quicker, just ask!




What image comes to mind when you think “Shirt Laundry?”

At NuTone, we’re thinking crisp white dress shirts, soft casual shirts, and beautiful formal shirts; button down, spread collar, broadcloth and oxford – and French cuffs, with the right amount of starch.

Whether you prefer your shirts hanging or gently folded – for space saving or travel – we know how important it is to pull out a shirt that’s ready to wear. We also know how inconvenient it is to slip on a crisp shirt with missing or broken buttons!

Our promise to you:

  • Scrubbed collars and cuffs
  • Just the right amount of starch – with four levels of starch
  • All shirts touched up with a hand iron
  • Chipped and broken buttons replaced with matching buttons, whenever possible (we have over 25 styles of buttons from which to choose).
  • Collar stays are replaced
  • An inspected shirt, properly packaged

Ultimately, a professionally laundered shirt is easier, faster and a better fit for busy, career-oriented men and women.  Formal shirts are bright white, touched up by hand, and starched to your liking – on hangers or folded.

Our Tuxedo shirts are touched up by hand and crisp, with just the right amount of starch!


Stain Removal

Everyone wants to believe that they can remove stains at home just as well as a professional drycleaner! At NuTone, our technicians have had over 20 years of training in stain removal, they know the origin of stains by just looking at them, and are able to assess probable removal in a matter of seconds!

Nonetheless, the more you know about stains and removal, the longer your clothing will last. It’s in our best interest to educate you on stain identification and proper protocol, so you won’t do something you may regret or that will make the drycleaner’s job more challenging. This means that we will share routine stain bulletins, as we receive them. As a bonus, we’ll critique modern store-bought stain removers, and offer you a few of our own!